See my webpage for details My interests are treatment of musculoskelatal pain, bioidentical hormone replacement. Functional Medicine. Life style medicine, and treatment and prevention of cognitive decline. RECODE 2.0. dr Dale Bredesens Protocol.

Our practice is centered on BHRT: biologically identical hormone replacement therapy.  Our goal is to achieve the highest quality of life, reduce disability, compress major illnesses into a narrow range, and add years to your life. Aging is physiologic and unavoidable, but it can be slowed. Most/all primary prevention studies of hormone replacement therapy find a decreased risk of coronary events, contrary to conventional wisdom from mainstream medicine and the public. With proper diet and exercise, BHRT can add life to your years, and hopefully years to your life.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement

Peptide Therapy


IV Therapy

Gynecology and bioidentical hormone replacement, O-shot Priapus shot, Big D wave,