Dr. Albano has been an athlete and fitness enthusiast his entire life. He plays hockey, rides road bikes, cyclocross, and mountain bikes, alpine and backcountry skis, and has run marathons and ultra-marathons. He has also served as a team physician for U.S. Speed Skating, U.S. Military Endurance Sports, Real Salt Lake, and Westminster College Athletics.

Over the years, Dr. Albano has experienced his fair share of injuries – and when it comes to orthopedic work, he’s undergone more than his fair share of procedures. As a result of his personal experience with sports injuries, Dr. Albano’s greatest interest lies in non-surgical treatment options for tendon, nerve, and cartilage problems. He loves helping his patients heal through his whole-body approach.

Dr. Albano uses only the most up-to-date regenerative medicine procedures when treating his patients and stays abreast of cutting-edge medical research and technology. He also regularly teaches national courses on the use of musculoskeletal ultrasound for diagnostic and needle-guided purposes, as well as courses on PRP, fat grafting, bone marrow aspiration, and other cellular injections for musculoskeletal purposes.

More than anything, Dr. Albano wants to help his patients achieve their best possible outcome and get them back to all of the things they love most in life. He understands the pain – both physical and psychological – an injury or chronic condition can cause, and he strives to provide only the best regenerative medicine solutions to those seeking an alternative to surgery.

Merin has worked in nutrition, functional medicine and restorative health since 1989 and specializes in providing personalized care to her patients. She takes the time to listen and to understand what is at the heart of her patients’ health concerns. Her ultimate goal is to give each patient individualized care to help them live their best life possible.

To help her patients reach their health goals, Merin uses a combination of BHRT, thyroid replacement treatments, O and P shots for incontinence and sexual health, lifestyle management coaching and nutritional support.

“Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) starts with objective labs and the latest research on the safety of hormones to ensure that each patient receives personal attention for maximum results. It is very rewarding to help somebody feel better and live better.” – Merin

For over 20 years, Dr. Leslie Peterson has safely guided patients through midlife changes with BHRT to help them live with greater health and vitality. There are many ways to work with hormone replacement and Dr. Peterson takes a personalized approach meeting her patients in a place where they can confidently experience the benefits of safe BHRT.

Optimal Hormone Health is all about optimizing your hormones, your sexual health, and YOU! We believe that through quality care, hormone optimization, and lifestyle modifications, your best days are still to come!