Revitalize Functional Medicine is located in Paradise Valley Arizona and has been since 1996. We provide preventative as well as acute and chronic care to patients seeking to achieve their optimal state of wellbeing.

Amy de la Garza is a Family Practice doctor in Salt Lake City, UT. She specializes in hormone treatment and functional medicine. Dr. de la Garza is also currently completing her fellowship in Addictive Medicine with the University of Utah. Her passion lies with helping people find the underlying cause of their symptoms and helping them get back to feeling healthy and well.

I have been prescribing bio-identical hormone therapy as part of my Integrative Medicine practice since 1995.  I am a Physician Assistant and Licensed Acupuncturist.  This dual training gives me a broad medical perspective and toolbox for dealing with the complexities of patient care.  I like to work collaboratively with people who need help achieving optimal health.

Dr. Rachel Burnett opened a private integrative medicine practice, Utah Natural Medicine, in 2004. She has dedicated over 15 years to hormone replacement. She has completed over 200 hours of AMA PRA Category 1 continuing medical education credits for hormone replacement and is Advanced BHRT-Certified by The Academy for Preventive and Innovative Medicine by Worldlink Medical. Dr. Rachel is a long-term student of Neal Rouzier, MD, a leader in scientific literature research for evidence-based medical management of aging and preventive medicine. She served as a spokesperson for the Forever Health Network of Physicians and was a television guest on Suzanne Somers’ talk show, The Suzanne Show.

Fundamentally, she believes in the importance of establishing a healthy foundation to achieve optimal wellness. Dr. Rachel combines western and eastern medicine using her skills in naturopathic and conventional therapies as well as traditional Chinese medicine. She develops personalized care plans that focus on addressing the underlying cause of disease and chronic illness. She honors the partnership with her patients and listens. She teaches patients about their health to help empower them to make decisions that meet their health care goals. Staying current with up-to-date advances in medicine is important to her so she can best serve her patients.

Dr. Christina Kovalik NMD, LAc, is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Acupuncturist, Hormone Optimization Expert and Aesthetic-Anti-aging Specialist in Scottsdale and Flagstaff, Arizona. Her clinic, The Vitality Doctor, is a family medical practice with a special interest in optimizing hormone imbalance and longevity medicine for men and women. She assists many patients with fatigue, depression, anxiety, thyroid imbalances, adrenal issues, infertility, PMS, menstrual irregularities, pregnancy & postpartum support, menopause, andropause, aesthetics and hormone imbalance for men and women.