I am a Board Certified Cardiologist with a master’s degree in physiology of exercise, and extensive training in advanced nutrition.

My major practice interest is Holistic Cardiology which includes bio-identical hormones, electroceuticals, photo-biomodulation and other integrative/alternative energy therapies. I do consulting via telemedicine for simple and complex clinical problems.

I am affiliated with an intensive care, inpatient, alternative medicine hospital in Mexico: www.clinicofthelight.com.

Patients are referred  to Mexico from international integrative physicians for their patients who need more intensive and complex care than can be provided in an out-patient setting. We also have therapies available from international sources not available in the US. Comprehensive detoxification is a specialty of the hospital.

There I am working on therapies for patients with heart disease and no other mainstream medical therapeutic options such as: end-stage heart failure and severe cardiomyopathy who are not suitable candidates for transplant, patients with diffuse ischemic heart disease not suitable for stenting or CABG, and toxic heart syndromes. I have experience with Lyme and infectious carditis, and have lectured on the topic at ILADS.

I focus on hormone optimization using cBHRT for men and women, IV nutrient therapies, detoxification and specialized testing.

Dr. Ott’s mission is to partner with you to achieve maximum body and mind potential using scientifically proven methods and cutting edge technology. At The Youth Rx, we provide bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, treatment for decreased libido and weight gain. In addition, we address trouble sleeping, and many other menopause and andropause-related symptoms that keep you from feeling like yourself. this includes adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, stress-indcued cortisol elevations, Low-T, estrogen excess, DHEA and other hormone imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, and Hashimoto’s disease. We also keep you looking great with advanced aesthetic procedures including Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Restylane, Juvederm, Raidesse. We carry a full line of Obagi and other skincare products.

At The Youth Rx, we offer advanced lipid testing, comprehensive hormone panels, telomere testing, COVID testing, and lifestyle coaching. We carry full lines of nutraceuticals that have been tested for purity and efficacy through clinical studies.

As a result of her mission, Dr. Ott has shared her story about the groundbreaking change in lifestyle across the nation and beyond at theyouthrx.com/dr-christine-ott

Furthermore, by using her blueprint, you will harness simple self-care practices and change problematic habits. These practices cover the five essential pillars of health to resolving the underlying cause of your health problems.

I am a Board Certified general psychiatrist trained in Osteopathic medicine in private practice since 1988. My practice includes is one of eclectic psychotherapy, (for example: interpersonal, redecision, psychodynamic and supportive) and conventional psychiatric medication evaluations and treatment.

In 2005 I began to incorporate bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as an adjunct to my practice. I also use functional medicine principles including nutritional guidance.  I include the use of neurotransmitter precursors and nutraceuticals. and have hundreds of hours of  training in these field.

All sessions are individualized as per the principals I was trained in and to address the unique gifts, biology and challenges of my patients

I am part of a large family practice in Irving Texas. I’ve been in bio identical hormone therapy for about 20 years now with the large patient base in a very busy practice. I specialize in both male and female hormonal issues as well as thyroid disease.