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Dirk F Parvus, MD
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Dirk F Parvus, MD

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Dr. Dirk Parvus is triple board certified in Family, Emergency, and Addiction medicine and certified in Functional Medicine. An expert in Age Management Medicine, Dr. Parvus, received Physician Training & Certification jointly sponsored by Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation (CERF) and the Foundation for Care Management (FCM). In addition, he has completed Levels 1,2,3, 4, and 5 of the Bio-identical Hormone Replacement courses run by Dr. Neil Roussea of Worldlink and did the Functional Medicine Certification Program. He trained under Dr. Dale Bredeson to reverse cognitive decline and reverse/avoid Alzheimer's Disease


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787 37th Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960, USA
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