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Jenell R Decker, M.D

Dr. Decker combines wellness, bioidentical hormone optimization and medical aesthetics treatments to address the symptoms of aging. We treat menopause and andropause. At Le Papillon Wellness and Aesthetics we believe in beauty on the inside as well as beauty on the outside. By correcting hormone imbalances, we can improve your overall health and well-being, and help you live a life full of vitality. We also believe in beautiful skin so that you can also look your best.

At Le Papillon you receive a full range of hormone testing with optimizations strategies. We also look at other health indicators to make certain you are optimized in all areas, such as your ideal weight.

For aesthetics we offer micro needling micro frequency, PRP injections. along with neurotoxins and fillers.

Le Papillon is dedicated to providing personalized care, and working with patients to achieve their desired results.

Dr. Decker is also licensed in 47 states and DC.


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130 N Grand Ave suite 1, Pullman, WA, USA
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