Understanding Hormone Terminology

Ever wonder why some experts say hormones are bad for you and others report they are actually good for you?  The confusion often lies in the distinction between a synthetic hormone and one that is bio-identical. Synthetic hormones are sometimes not identical in structure to what your body makes resulting in symptoms or side effects.  Listen to Jennifer explain the differences with these hormones and help us better understand the controversy regarding replacing hormones.

Feeling Cold or Tired?  Maybe it’s your Thyroid

Most of us know as we age hormones decline.  As our hormones decline often times the side effects make us feel older than we are.  If thyroid levels are low we can feel cold or tired, our skin becomes more dry and sometimes hair becomes thinner.  Some  report brain fog, less energy and even symptoms of depression.  It could be your thyroid is not producing enough T3 or you’re not converting enough T4 to T3.  Pharmacist Kaylin Ameling does a great job describing the  thyroid gland, how it works and what happens as we age.

Testosterone Replacement For Men

There remains continued controversy around when and if it’s appropriate to replace testosterone in men.  There is plenty of research to support the benefits of it, however the stigma around abuse by athletes and the general feeling that replacement is not indicated leaves many men wondering what to do.  Men over time experience many of the same issues that women experience when they go through menopause, we call this andropause in men.  Listen to pharmacist Ben Blanchard explain testosterone and how the lack of it can contribute to fatigue, lack of energy, signs of depression, decreased sexual desire and function, bone loss, and cognitive decline to name a few.

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