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7 Supplements You Didn’t Know Help Your Heart

by Krista Russ March 17, 2023 February was a great month when it comes to thinking about the heart. Not only was it Valentine's Day last month, but also American Heart Month–a time when many people might be thinking about their cardiovascular health. Of course, you should always be conscious of your heart health, as [...]

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The Top 6 Supplements You Didn’t Know Support Immunity

by Krista Russ February 17, 2023 Although it may seem like we are finally getting some respite from COVID-19, Americans are actually in the worst cold and flu season yet, according to The New York Times. For instance, R.S.V (respiratory syncytial virus) has led to pediatric hospitalizations at a record high. The flu usually peaks [...]

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It’s Not in Your Head: How Testosterone Can Impact Mood, Satisfaction, and More!

by Cherie Constance December 19, 2022 When the term testosterone is mentioned, often what comes to mind are muscle-bound men. Yet, testosterone is just as important to women, as it is to men, although it’s often overlooked as a potential treatment.  In women, testosterone is produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands with relatively small [...]

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Optimal vs Normal Aging: How We Can Thrive Rather Than Survive Aging

by Cherie Constance November 15, 2022 If you were playing a sport and you were given the option to join a team of normal, common place players versus a team of optimal, exemplary players, which would you choose? If you ran a business and were given the option of having a staff of ho-hum, substandard [...]

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Hormones: The New Emotional Health Paradigm

by Worldlink Medical August 21, 2020 Most of the time when we think of the benefits of hormones, we think of them in terms of sexual health or as a remedy for what ails the menopausal woman. However, one of the most potent effects of hormonal therapy reaches deep into the psyche and proves that [...]

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