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It’s Not in Your Head: How Testosterone Can Impact Mood, Satisfaction, and More!

by Cherie Constance December 19, 2022 When the term testosterone is mentioned, often what comes to mind are muscle-bound men. Yet, testosterone is just as important to women, as it is to men, although it’s often overlooked as a potential treatment.  In women, testosterone is produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands with relatively small [...]
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Optimal vs Normal Aging: How We Can Thrive Rather Than Survive Aging

by Cherie Constance November 15, 2022 If you were playing a sport and you were given the option to join a team of normal, common place players versus a team of optimal, exemplary players, which would you choose? If you ran a business and were given the option of having a staff of ho-hum, substandard [...]
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