Jessica Lara is Co-Founder of Defiance Health, a collaborative team of experts in medicine, nutrition, and fitness committed to personalized and comprehensive wellness care plans. The Defiance Health Team strives to consistently achieve optimal health outcomes for our clients through a multi-layered approach to wellness.

Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine provides personalized care for each patient.  We offer bioidentical hormones, peptides, platelet rich plasma, and cell therapies.  We offer direct primary care, from a functional medicine approach.  Our goal is to maximize each patient’s wellness while minimizing interventions.

I am a Family Physician in Eagle, Colorado.  I have been taking care of women and men for over 20 years.  I started taking courses from World Link Medical in 2012.  I have been prescribing Bio Identical Hormones since then.  I have now completed the four course series.  It has been very fulfilling to help women and men improve their health through healthy lifestyle and Bio Identical Hormones.  I practice in a tradtionnal Family Medicine Practice and take care of all aspects of a person’s health.

I am currently doing family medicine and integrating functional medicine into my practice.

Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine, P.C.  is committed to provide dignified, honest and professional cellular,  Platelet Rich Plasma, biologic therapies, IV antioxidants, peptide therapies as well as Hormone Optimization with bioidentical hormones  for the purpose of treating inflammatory/degenerative diseases and prevention of development of disease processes.