Lowell I Gerber MD MS – Maine

Lowell I Gerber MD MS – Maine

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Lowell I Gerber MD MS – Maine

BioIndividual Health Strategies LLC

I am a Board Certified Cardiologist with a master's degree in physiology of exercise, and extensive training in advanced nutrition.

My major practice interest is Holistic Cardiology which includes bio-identical hormones, electroceuticals, photo-biomodulation and other integrative/alternative energy therapies. I do consulting via telemedicine for simple and complex clinical problems.

I am affiliated with an intensive care, inpatient, alternative medicine hospital in Mexico: www.clinicofthelight.com.

Patients are referred  to Mexico from international integrative physicians for their patients who need more intensive and complex care than can be provided in an out-patient setting. We also have therapies available from international sources not available in the US. Comprehensive detoxification is a specialty of the hospital.

There I am working on therapies for patients with heart disease and no other mainstream medical therapeutic options such as: end-stage heart failure and severe cardiomyopathy who are not suitable candidates for transplant, patients with diffuse ischemic heart disease not suitable for stenting or CABG, and toxic heart syndromes. I have experience with Lyme and infectious carditis, and have lectured on the topic at ILADS.


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100 Spencers Ridge Rd, Freeport, ME, USA
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