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David Wilgarde, MD


David Wilgarde, MD took over Neal Rouzier's clinic Preventivemedcenters.com

David Wilgarde is Rouzier certified and Neal Rouzier is our medical director.  Patients fly from all over the country to see us.  While Dr. Rouzier does not see patients anymore he is available for advice when needed.  Dr. Wilgarde is quadruple board certified in Internal Medicine, Med Rehab, Pain Mgmt and Neurological testing.  Dr. Wilgarde has taken over all the Rouzier patients and continued the tradition of optimizing hormones using the Rouzier protocal.  Dr. Wilgarde has not only taken the courses but he is Rouzier certified after completing the test.  While we need all new patients to establish care in our Palm Springs office with one in person visit we are able to care for you wherever you reside in the country by telephone after the first visit.  Call us at 760-320-4292 and ask for Cisca Friend.  Initially we will send you for labs which cost $150 to $179 at a local LabCorp or Quest location near you.  Our program is an annual program that renews each year.  We are conveniently located one block from the Palm Springs airport (PSP) and many patients fly in and out in one day.  Call us to discuss your symptoms.  You will receive an email program information packet and we can also mail you a Rouzier Hormone Booklet to help explain each hormone for men and women.


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3001 East Tahquitz Canyon Way ste. 108, Palm Springs, CA, USA
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